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rattan mat
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rattan mat
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rattan mat:

"Ice silk fiber" is a knitwear fabric, which is made of 70% viscose filaments and 30% nylon filaments. The ice silk fibers are also called rayon. Viscose fibers. Viscose filaments Ice silk fibers are scientifically refined from natural cotton husks, wet-processed after weaving, which causes the thermoplastic nylon component to shrink sharply, and the viscose is fully exposed on the surface, making the interior hydrophobic, with external pro- Waterborne In several mainstream fibers, the moisture content of ice silk fiber is most in line with the physiological requirements of human skin.It has a smooth and cool, good air permeability, automatic humidity adjustment, slow sunshine, antistatic, brilliant color, softer touch, color It is also very elegant.Ice silk also has anti-mildew, anti-insect, anti-static, no radiation, fast dry after washing without ironing, etc. Ice silk fiber has the essence of cotton.The quality of silk is an authentic ecological fiber.From the natural and Better than natural ". The garments woven from this yarn are cool, so they are called ‘ice silk’.

**BREATHABLE: Bing Si Fiber & Woodpulp surface paired with the Tri-layer Polyester sandwich mesh backing create superior breathability.

**Attaches via 4 elastic straps for a secure fit.

** Includes one (1) mattress topper summer sleeping pad and two (2) pillow shams


1 mat: 37"W x 75"L (95cm x 190cm)

1 pillowcase: 29" W x" 19" L (74cm x 48cm)


1 mat: 59" W x 79"L (150cm x 200cm)

2 pillowcases: 29" W x 19" L (74cm x 48cm)



1 mat: 75" W x 79"L (190cm x 200cm)

2 pillowcases: 29" W x 19" L (74cm x 48cm)

maintenance method:

** Wipe the front and back of the mat with a wet towel before use, and use it after drying.

** Always wipe it during use, this will make bamboo pieces cooler.

** When the air humidity is high, keep the room ventilated to prevent mold.

** It should be kept flat when it is used, and it can be folded and stored when not in use. However, it can be rolled or when it is placed on the mattress to extend the service life.

Curtsey Reminder:
1. Machine wash cold or dry cleaning with like colors and don't soak. Hang dry or tumble dry low. Avoid exposure.
2. Avoid acid and alkaline substances.
3. More details in the product washing mark.

Instruction: Tap the quilt gently after removing the package in order to restore elasticity. Don't wash the quilt frequently. Dehumidificating and sterilizing by exposing it to the sun every other month.

Product Care: Before storing, wash the quilt or expose it to the sun for a few hours and fold it after cooling down. Avoid Stress.
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