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Buckwheat pillows (a pair)
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The effect of buckwheat pillows: size:(48 X74)cm

Buckwheat pillows filled with natural tartary buckwheat hulls contain a large amount of rutin glucoside and have vitamin activity. Due to the unique structure of the buckwheat husk, it has good gas permeability, and never deforms, and has strong plasticity. The buckwheat pillow also has the functions of aromatic sputum, promoting blood circulation, calming the nerves, stimulating the brain, regulating the organs, and regulating the yin and yang. After special processing, buckwheat is put into the pillow as a pillow core. When sleeping, the pillow is used to achieve the effect of smelling the aroma. This method of treatment is the specific application of the theory of Chinese medicine, four flavors and five flavors, lifting and sinking and returning. During sleep, the head temperature causes the active ingredients of the drug in the pillow to slowly emanate, and the aroma gathers in the pillow. Its scent is light and not thin, long and not weak, clear and not turbid and not faint, not scattered. It is a traditional green health pillow for insomnia and neurasthenia for insomnia, dreams, dizziness, tinnitus and other diseases.

In addition, the buckwheat pillow can absorb far infrared rays, make the head microcirculation blood flow faster, effectively improve blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain, activate brain cells, thereby regulating the nervous system's excitatory and inhibitory functions, long-term use of buckwheat husk pillow can promote and Improve the human microcirculation, have significant effects on dredging blood vessels, regulating blood pressure and blood lipids, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, promoting sleep, clearing heat and purging fire, and preventing colds.

Machine Wash with water temp < 85 degrees Fahrenheit
Do not bleach
Low tumble dry
Hang dry
Iron on low heat
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