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Beige Silk with Jacquard quilt
King $299.99
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Cover material:80% cotton, 20% silk

Filling Material: 100% silk,
Product color;beige

Read the best of luxury, just for the distinguished "core".
About 1/3 of a person's life is spent in sleep, and a good bedding is the basic guarantee of a quality sleep. For the healthy sleep of you and your families, choose honorable beddings ---- love is not a luxury.
Product characteristics: Silk is an extra light, soft and smooth natural protein fibre, which is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm reared in captivity. Traditional breeding process ensures no loss of natural nutrients from silk and by extracting the finest silk using traditional crafts, organic fibers are formed. Silk's protein fiber is porous and breathable creating a temperature-adjusting quality. It is also absorbent, comfort and hypo-allergenic that is suitable for all skin types.

Win in detail: unique flowers handmade quilt cover, perfect combining the silk and the quilt cover, so as to maintain the original silk fluffy, soft, breathable fabric workmanship. The fabric is preshrunk, smooth and beautiful in traces. It is delicate and can be washed with water. Clearly indicate the specific composition and washing reminder, let you transparently consume.

Care and storage:
Generally do not recommend washing with water, if staining stains in use, use a professional detergent (shampoo, silk special detergent), after cleaning, dry naturally in the shade or at low temperature. Silk should be dried in a well ventilated place, but not exposure, because the silk protein would be deteriorated due to the effects of ultraviolet light, the fiber is embrittled to shorten life expectancy.
1. Before storage, at first dry or low temperature dry the quilt for twenty minutes, non-exposure to avoid yellowing, and then fold the quilt for storage.
2. When silk is stored, do not use mothballs to avoid damage to the silk protein structure.
3. When stored, it is best to use a good color fastness dark cloth to wrap the quilt to avoid yellowing, do not stress, so as not to affect the filling power of the quilt core.

Twin: 173x218cm(68"x86") $:199.99ea
Queen: 218x218cm(86"x86") $:299.99ea
King: 220x240cm(86"x94") $389.99

Twin: 4.5lbs
Queen: 5.9lbs
King: 6.8lbs
Curtsey Reminder:
1. Machine wash cold or dry cleaning with like colors and don't soak. Hang dry or tumble dry low. Avoid exposure.
2. Avoid acid and alkaline substances.
3. More details in the product washing mark.

Instruction: Tap the quilt gently after removing the package in order to restore elasticity. Don't wash the quilt frequently. Dehumidificating and sterilizing by exposing it to the sun every other month.

Product Care: Before storing, wash the quilt or expose it to the sun for a few hours and fold it after cooling down. Avoid Stress.
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