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kids cotton summer comforter
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Cotton summer comforter The liberal arts textile home is cool in summer and it is processed by the product: exquisite computer seams and show flowers, it is very good to fix the fabric and the cotton firmly together, so that the inner tube does not run through the cotton. The cotton is cool in summer and it is designed with fine right-angle edging. The workmanship is fine, and the stitching is close, firm and durable. Material:Boya Home Textiles Xia Liang was selected to be filled with soy protein fiber. In the international textile industry, soybean protein fiber has been hailed as “the eighth largest manmade fiber in the world” and “healthy and comfortable fiber”. The industry is known as “man-made cashmere”. Soybean protein fiber is made from soybean and extracted from soybean protein. It is called green fiber in the new century. The fiber used as a quilt as a natural porous fiber that “will breathe” has super absorbent and dehumidifying functions, just like the respiration of the human body. It is also a naturally curled fiber that is highly resistant to pressure and retains its fluffiness and elasticity over time. The fiber also has the characteristics of anti-mildew and anti-worm, which is more environmentally friendly and healthier. Soybean protein fiber is fiber-filled, and its elasticity and warmth are better, and it can be restored after pressing. Because it is a natural fiber, it has a natural skin-friendly nature and can keep it dry, breathable and warm and comfortable. Soybean protein fiber can keep the heart rate slow and steady during the whole process of human sleep and maintain a close microcosmic environment close to the skin, increasing the depth of sleep by more than 25%. Soybean fiber contains many essential amino acids and has a good health-care effect. Hygroscopicity, moisture conductivity and warmth are all higher. Feel soft, smooth, light texture, its moisture absorption and cotton fiber quite, and the moisture permeability is far better than cotton fiber. 尺寸:110 x 150 cm, 2.3Lb Tips: 1. Wash in shades of colour separately. Cold water machine wash or conventional dry cleaning, not soaked. After washing quickly dry or low temperature drying! Avoid exposure.
2. Avoid contact with acidic or alkaline substances. 3. Specify the reference product washing standard. 
Curtsey Reminder:
1. Machine wash cold or dry cleaning with like colors and don't soak. Hang dry or tumble dry low. Avoid exposure.
2. Avoid acid and alkaline substances.
3. More details in the product washing mark.

Instruction: Tap the quilt gently after removing the package in order to restore elasticity. Don't wash the quilt frequently. Dehumidificating and sterilizing by exposing it to the sun every other month.

Product Care: Before storing, wash the quilt or expose it to the sun for a few hours and fold it after cooling down. Avoid Stress.
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