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Magnetic therapy with cassia pillow (a pair)
$39.99 / one pair
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size:(48 X74)cm

Cassia magnetic pillow

The pillow is filled with cassia seed, with a slight scent of grass, when you sleep you feel like your sleeping in the grass. Its seeds are hard and can massage the acupuncture points on your head and neck. Feels like there is a masseur. The use of Cassia pillows for the elderly not only helps the stool become smooth and provides significant liver protection, but also functions to clear the liver and improve eyesight, ease bowel movements, and reduce fat and slimming. In addition to sugars, proteins and fats, cassia seed also contains steroidal compounds, chrysophanol, emodin, etc., as well as trace elements such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper, nickel, cobalt and molybdenum. Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that the active ingredients contained in Cassia have the functions of regulating immunity, bacteriostatic, anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure, regulating blood lipids and clearing eyes. Cassia Pillow can improve the function of the internal organs, the heart, the cardiovascular, the cervical vertebrae, etc., so that the body can recover, the meridians are smooth, the blood circulation is promoted, the blood pressure is lowered, and the function of the internal organs is improved. The seeds have auxiliary effects on headache, dizziness, insomnia, cerebral arteriosclerosis and cervical spondylosis caused by liver yang. Cassia is widely used in natural physiotherapy, and is widely used in the fields of blood pressure reduction, laxative, and weight loss. In addition, the unique coolness of Cassia is particularly comfortable in summer, especially in line with the basic physiotherapy theory of Chinese medicine "hot head hot feet".

Machine Wash with water temp < 85 degrees Fahrenheit
Do not bleach
Low tumble dry
Hang dry
Iron on low heat
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