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kids pillow ( blue mick & mine)
$11.99 / each
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The children's pillow is made of high-quality long-staple cotton. The fiber length is more than 33mm. The touch is comfortable and soft. It is natural and environmentally friendly. Under normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb water in the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content reaches up to 8-10%. Therefore, cotton bedding has good moisture absorption, moisture retention, heat resistance and alkali resistance. The fabric is highly hygroscopic and helps you to sleep and when it touches your skin, it will feel soft and not scratchy. The fabric is always level and comfortable. The raw material cotton is made of the highest quality cotton yarn. The cotton fiber is soft, long and tough. The pillows skin is delicate and soft. It’s not easy for hair balls to show up. Healthy and environmentally friendly, the knitted pillow includes a sleeve and a core, and the two can be used separately. The product also has a very reasonable price! When a child uses it, he/she will have sweet dreams!


Machine Wash with water temp < 85 degrees Fahrenheit
Do not bleach
Low tumble dry
Hang dry
Iron on low heat
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