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Adult Levender pillow (one pair)
$49.99 / one pair
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size:(48 X74)cm

Lavender effect

1 Lavender is recognized as the most calming, soothing, hypnotic plant. It relieves tension, calms the mind, calms down,

2 Lavender has antibacterial and detoxifying effects

The linalool contained in lavender is the main component of lavender antibacterial, it can inhibit the growth of 17 kinds of bacteria and 10 kinds of fungi. The

3 Lavender has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects and has an insect repellent effect.

Apply lavender essential oil to the affected area, you can find that the healing speed of the affected area is faster, and the effect of reducing swelling is obvious. Lavender can also remove ants, mites, and mites, and put them in the closet and pillows, not only can replace the mothballs, but also leave a scent of awkwardness.

4 lavender has antispasmodic and analgesic effects

When talking about the function of lavender in China's "New Medicine Materia Medica", he said: "This oil has aeration effect. Oral oil or its alcohol solution can be dripped on sugar to treat bloating and cramps."

5 lavender has lipid-lowering and blood pressure lowering effects

The study found that lavender extract has a significant effect on the digestion of fat, while lavender essential oil can also reduce the average level of arterial pressure through the sense of smell.

6 lavender has liver protection effect

7 lavender can treat dysmenorrhea

8 lavender can resist depression

9 lavender can inhibit tumors

In various studies on lavender, lavender can inhibit tumors, especially for the growth of human liver cancer cells and lung cancer cells, and the inhibitory effect is more obvious.

10 lavender can be used for beauty

If you immerse fresh lavender in hot water to steam your face, it has the effect of cleansing the skin, anti-inflammatory and balanced oil secretion; or frying juice to apply knife wounds, lacerations, etc., to prevent infection and inflammation; The skin is bitten by a bee sting and can exert a slight anesthetic effect to reduce swelling and pain. At the same time, if you apply lavender essential oil to the scar for 1 to 2 years, gently massage with your hands, you can also dilute and eliminate scars.

11 lavender has stomach function

Cooking often adds lavender as a seasoning, or vinegar, wine, and jelly, which not only adds aroma, but also stomach. The sauce made with lavender is especially flavorful.

12 lavender can adjust the body

Lavender tastes strong and calms the nerves, calms the pain, and has a mitigating effect on insomnia headaches and uncertainties.

Machine Wash with water temp < 85 degrees Fahrenheit
Do not bleach
Low tumble dry
Hang dry
Iron on low heat
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